💱Transfer / Receive Token

One of the functions of Rocket Wallet is receiving and sending tokens. Currently we only support a few tokens, in the future there may be more.

Support Token : a. Daily Forest b. USDT c. Wolf Safe Poor People

Receive Token.

There are 2 methods for receiving tokens, including: a. Scan QR Code. User can scan qrcode from Rocket Wallet, if user use metamask / trustwallet just scan it and it will automatic fill the wallet address.

b. Copy the address on the profile dashboard. Click the copy on the address and paste to your anothe wallet like metamask / trust wallet.

Transfer Token.

User can transfer supported token to another user / wallet , in the dashboard click the transfer and you bring on the transfer page. Paste the Recipient wallet address on the BOX.

For Transfer make sure you have BNB as Gas fee & Token balance. if you dont have BNB the transcaction will be Failed

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