🎁Mistery Box

Discover the surprise waiting for you inside our mystery box!

Various DF token prizes in the Mistery box, you can exchange your WSPP tokens for DF just by buying a mistery box in the Rocket wallet app. In the mystery box draw we use the blockchain difficulty level to determine the value, if you get the maximum value then you will get the maximum prize.

Price : WSPP

Supply : 10.000 Box

Limit : user can buy 10 Box every day

Reward : a. 35.000.000 DF b. 70.000.000 DF c. 105.000.000 DF d. 200.000.000 DF e. DF

How to Purcase Mistery Box

Require BNB as Gas fee & WSPP as the main token to purcase

  • Click the Mistery Box logo in the navbar

  • Click open

  • Completed buy Mistery Box, you can check the reward on the history

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