🛅Create / Import Wallet Web3

Creating or importing a wallet involves setting up a new cryptocurrency wallet or adding an existing wallet to a Rocket wallet apps. Here's a description of the process:

Creating a Wallet:

  1. Open the Rocket Wallet Telegram Bot: Launch the wallet application on your device.

  2. Select "Create Wallet": Look for the option to create a new wallet within the app's interface. and you will get the Seed Pharse and Private Key inside your Profile.

  3. Backup Your Seed Phrase : The Rocket wallet will generate a seed phrase (also known as a recovery phrase or mnemonic phrase), usually consisting of 12 words. Write down this seed phrase on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place. This phrase can be used to restore access to your wallet if you forget your password or lose access to your device.

  4. Wallet Creation Complete: Your wallet is created, and you can start using it to send, receive, and manage cryptocurrencies.

Importing a Wallet:

a. Connect with Seed Pharse

b. Connect With Private Key

  1. Open the Rocket Wallet Telegram Bot: Launch the wallet application on your device.

  2. Select "Import Wallet" : Look for the option to import an existing wallet or recover a wallet using a seed phrase / Private Key.

  3. Enter Seed Phrase / Private Key: Input the seed phrase / Private key of the existing wallet that you want to import. Make sure you enter it accurately.

  4. Complete Import Process: Follow any additional instructions provided by the app to complete the import process.

  5. Access Imported Wallet: Once the import process is complete, you should have access to the imported wallet and its funds within the rocket wallet application.

Whether you're creating a new wallet or importing an existing one, it's crucial to follow security best practices, such as keeping your seed phrase private and secure.

Don't share your secrets with anyone, our team does not have access to your wallet, if you lose your password seed / private key we cannot return your wallet.

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